Billion Dollar Brows Universal Pencil Review

black eye pencil lay on a pink background and cupcake print paper. The paper has swatches of the pencil on it

KLM Beauty recently offered to send me a Universal Brow Pencil*, and I jumped at the chance! Since Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Wiz burst onto the market, there has been a huge surge in this dual-ended style, offering a retractable pencil and a spooly to achieve a natural, blended look and a sharp shape.

The spooly is firm without being scratchy, and I like to use it to prep my brows for the colour. When I next travel I will definitely take this pencil over any of my other brow products, as it's a great all-in-one. I will spritz some hairpsray onto the spooly and comb it through to set my brows, rather than having to pack a brow colour, brush, sharpener, and setting gel. 

The first thing that impressed me about the pencil itself was I was the large amount of product- it isn't even fully wound in the picture! It isn't a super micro point that can mimic hair strokes, but it is easy to achieve a precise look. It's not a firm, waxy pencil that will offer a hold on your hairs, but nor is it greasy or smudgy in any way. 

spooly brush on a black pencil
an eyebrow pencil wound up to show an inch of the cool brown pencil

The selling point that sets this pencil apart is the universal colour, but this is where the pencil fell down in my estimations. Billion Dollar Brows say that you can achieve your perfect shade by drawing lighter or firmer strokes. I found it worked very well for me and is the most natural, flattering product I have used. However, I don't believe that the pencil would not suit very fair or very dark brows, and I also feel it wouldn't be good value for those with darker hair, who would use more product with each application. 

Oddly, Billion Dollar Brows agree, and have produced a Universal Blonde shade. I am glad that they have catered to the market that the original shade missed, but it does render the name moot. 'Suits most' doesn't quite have the same ring, though! BDB aren't limited to these pencils, though, and do offer a huge range of products and shades, so I would say that the range as a whole is universal and does cater to every need.

cupcake design paper with swatches of brow pencil

Ultimately, I think this pencil would work best for beginners who want to find a neutral, easy to use colour, as the shade is very well balanced between cool and warm. I'd also recommend it for anyone who changes their hair colour often, and needs a brow pencil that can keep up with their transformations. 

At £17.00, it isn't quite worth it for me, as I do have fairly neutral, easy to please brows, but it would be a worthwhile investment for someone who struggles to find the perfect shade and/or formula. Rather than spending the same amount on a few disappointing products, it makes sense to purchase one product that can really deliver.

Have you tried Billion Dollar Brows?

*product was gifted for review purposes, but this does not affect my opinions or honesty. Check my disclaimer for more.



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