Wild Side Wishlist

Something you may not know about me is that I have a real adventurous streak that even my anxiety cannot tame. As much as I fear everyday things, I actually have a habit of daydreaming about once-in-a-lifetime, adrenaline surging activities, and even had a go of Europe's longest zipwire for my 21st. Time has flown and it's been over a year since then, and I'm itching for my next adventure... 

left: lyd wearing red zip world overalls and helmet. right: a statue at zip world at the edge of a quarry

I'm under no impression that this is as easy as it looks, but I'm up for the challenge because it looks so much fun! Whether my abs would be sorer from balancing or laughing remains to be seen, but I hope to find out soon. Balancing isn't my strongest point, but I'd make it my mission to master the segway long enough to whizz through Grizedale forest- a place I visited a lot growing up.

High Ropes Course
This would definitely prove a real challenge of my bravery and agility, as I'm terrified of heights and I often lack the confidence to push myself- what better way to learn than high off the ground, balancing on a thin wire?! I know that these courses are rigorously tested and all safety gear is provided, but I'd still be scared stiff going round, which would make it all the more rewarding and satisfying at the end.

Update: I ticked this one off in August 2018 when I visited Go Ape!

Kankku/Land Rover driving
As I mentioned, I visited Grizedale a lot as a kid, because we went to The Lakes what seems like every other weekend. I now know the roads better than my hometown, and when I holidayed in Windermere last year I actually found myself enjoying driving, which is a huge claim for someone with such awful driving anxiety! It seems only right to challenge myself to get off the roads in a vehicle built for all terrain, and really test out my driving skills. 

Offroading/motocross/quad biking
Okay, so I may not have a completely clear idea of this, but I do know that whenever I see people racing through fields I feel insanely jealous. I have heard that quad bikes can be harder to manage, and more dangerous, as they can flip over, but I'd still love to have a go and take it slowly, just for the experience.

When I was in year 6 I was lucky enough to visit the Water Park experience centre, where we had taste sessions of outdoor activities. My favourite one of all was gillwalking, where we had to use strategic thinking, agility, and a lot of self belief to get clamber over rocks and through waterfalls as we made our way upstream. It was absolutely exhilarating, and I'd love to give it another go.

Have you tried any of these?

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