Urban Decay x Basquiat Anatomy Eyeliner

When the Jean-Michel Basquiat X Urban Decay collection hit the beauty scene, I had no interest whatsoever. The palettes of bright, shimmery eyeshadows in printed cardboard just reminded me of something I'd find in a Claire's Accessories lucky dip bag. I understand that I'd feel differently if I was a fan of Basquiat's work, or a collector of these special edition palettes, but my first instinct was definitely a pass.

Pixiwoo videos, on the other hand, are something that always interest me, so when I saw that Sam had created a look with the collection, I clicked right on to hear her opinion and expert thoughts on how those acid brights could be used and enjoyed.

A box and eyeliner, both rust coloured, sitting on a deck of cards

I had seen glimpses of the eyeliners being released with the collection: an electric blue, a vivid chartreuse, and... a boring brown? It looked so plain beside its shocking sisters, but I soon realised my mistake. When Sam applied it as a base I saw for myself how stunning the hot, rusty Anatomy really is. I loved how it looked blended all over the lid, red enough to be exciting, brown enough to be chic. It looked especially incredible on her blue eyes, with the contrast in colours bringing both alive.

Urban Decay rust coloured eyeliner lay in brown satin box

To know me is to know that watching a YouTube video is as close as I get to high end, counter products. I will swoon over the latest high dollar development, but the love affair usually ends there, and I either forget about it or settle for a drugstore alternative. This time I allowed myself to swatch Anatomy on the counter, and when I loved it just as much in person, I immediately headed to Temptalia, assuming they would know a dupe. Once I read that even they could not find a good one, I decided I would bite the bullet and invest in an Anatomy of my very own.

rust coloured box and eyeliner sat on a stack of playing cards

Being part of the 24/7 line up, it is a creamy formula which then sets down to a solid finish, and is suitable for use in the waterline as well as around the eye. I definitely want to try wearing it as a base like Sam did, as I know it will hold eyeshadow well, and will make a perfect partner for any warm, coppery or golden colours.

I assumed that my first high end purchase would be a palette in a heavy metal case, or a lipstick with that satisfying click close. The Urban Decay packaging is fine, a leather effect cardboard tube with a Basquiat scribbled interior and a nod to him on the pencil itself. Again, this wasn't for me, more for the dedicated fans. I did buy this purely for the colour over the formula or packaging, and I can't see me buying another £13.20 eyeliner for a very long time, but that does make this pencil feel all the more special to me, and even more of a treat.

What would you buy from the collection?



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