Sunday Shoutout: The Sunday Girl

Who would be more deserving of a Sunday Shoutout than The Sunday Girl herself, Adrienne? Not only does her blog name make a delightful fit, but her blog is one I have read for years and still come back to for some of my favourite cosmetic-related content. 

Thanks to her regular beauty reviews, I can keep up to date on the latest releases and upcoming trends, and I can count on Adrienne's honest opinions about both. I really enjoy her mix of high, medium, and low end features, and the variety between skincare, body, fragrance, and beauty. She even blogs about products from different countries, particularly Korean sheet masks and American drugstore gems. From head to toe, I know that Adrienne will have the perfect recommendation.

With plenty of experience comes expertise in her field, and I can always rely on Adrienne for totally transparent reviews. If a beauty product is chalky, greasy, or overpriced, she will be sure to let her readers know, and will often throw in some better alternatives for them to try. This spells disaster for my wishlist/bank account, but it shows a genuine care towards the readership when a blogger makes the effort to note what would better suit their skin type or budget. 

Her kindness doesn't stop at her writing, and one of the main reasons that I chose Adrienne for a shoutout is due to her down-to-Earth nature. She is a full time blogger and for me, up there with the likes of Lily Pebbles and The Anna Edit, yet always finds time to chat to readers and fellow bloggers in a warm and friendly manner. It's sad that some influencers seem to never interact with their supporters, but I have never found Adrienne to be anything other than polite and supportive.

Everything Adrienne puts out paints her as a model blogger. Her photos are lovely, her reviews are honest, she is involved in the blogging community, and she follows every blogging rule to the letter. While I would advise everyone to read The Sunday Girl, I'd especially recommend it to newer bloggers who want to see a high yet achievable standard, and get to know a brilliant member of the blog world. For anyone who already loves her work, I'd recommend following Adrienne's tweets for hilarious anecdotes and cute stories about her grandpa!

Dive in:
The Sunday Girl X Roccabox
All that passion poured into one box? It has to be a winner. Adrienne only chose cruelty free products to go in her box- further proof that she listens to her readers!
Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks Review
For an easy pamper or a first foray into K Beauty, sheet masks are a must. Tony Moly create some of the best on the market, adding natural extracts to help the skin in different ways. Adrienne has tested them all and will help you find your perfect one in this post.
How To Spring Clean Your Makeup Stash
A great post to highlight both Adrienne's fun personality and her extensive knowledge of all things beauty. She makes some brilliant points about when it's time to toss things out and keep your collection at its cleanest.

Who have you been loving lately?



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