Sunday Shoutout: Scarlet State

It's fair to say than when I attended the Bloggers Blog Awards I felt more than a little out of my depth. I didn't have a blog then, so to be surrounded by people discussing SEO, the best props, and of course, those nominated for awards, was quite a shock. While I did eventually warm up a little, I mostly stuck to Bubbly Bex Beauty, and panic set in when I lost her at the bar.

Fortunately, the fates smiled on me and sent Sarah my way. This beautiful girl appeared like a magical tattooed fairy and struck up a conversation as though we had been friends for years. Ever since that chance meeting I have never seen her being anything other than welcoming and wonderful.

I have, however, seen her creating some wonderful, thought provoking pieces of artwork. Sarah recently graduated, and one of her final projects was based on human's impacts on wildlife, showing how plastic bags can choke turtles and litter endangers seabirds. Using a combination of watercolour and fine liner pens, she created seriously detailed pieces that spread her message perfectly, just like her blog, Scarlet State.

Sarah J Docker's watercolour of a sea turtle showing plastic bottles, straws, and pieces inside it
Obviously full credit goes to Sarah for this incredible work- check the links below if you would like to commission a custom creation!
Following a vegan lifestyle means that Sarah's passion for animals and the environment flows into her writing, and she has the most amazing way of discussing these topics in a way that is inspiring and achievable, not at all scolding or out of reach. From finding cruelty free brands to recommending the best bamboo toothbrushes, Sarah shows how we can all make changes for the better, and it's easy to see how deeply she cares about what she writes. 

I also find that her blog is a place of happiness and confidence. It gives the impression that Sarah is a very balanced, well rounded person, comfortable in her skin and her place in the world. It's sadly rare to find that, and her tone makes for a refreshing and encouraging read. 


I remember the day that Sarah journeyed to The Lakes and shared snaps of her swimming her stresses away. She was so carefree and happy, I started to wonder if she was a secret mermaid. This post really reflects her free spirit and love for nature.
Who knew that switching your plastic straw for metal or glass could save a sea turtle? After reading this post I vowed never to buy them again, and ran straight out to buy a reusable water bottle. Not only did Sarah give me some immediate ideas, but she planted the inspiration to constantly look for changes I can easily make.
We are all guilty of scrutinising that stretchmark rather than celebrating the growth it commemorates, and this is where Sarah's wisdom and self ease shines. This post, thanking her body, is one I would recommend to absolutely everyone.




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