My Makeup Geek Collection

I love Marlena, the CEO and brains behind Makeup Geek cosmetics. She has worked tirelessly on her Youtube channel for years, always promoting creativity and confidence, and I feel that she truly cares about her viewers and wants to offer truthful, helpful advice. The same care has undoubtedly spilled over to her makeup line, a project of passion with some of the best products on the market. 

Each product is cruelty free and made in the USA, and each collection is a fusion of innovation and classic, well loved options. For example, the holographic sparklers are something different and exciting, but there are subtle shades as well as brighter, bolder editions. Even the packaging follows the same theme- we all love sleek packaging and rose gold, but to add a twist, Marlena has chosen a beautiful rose gun metal that is unlike anything I've seen on the market before.

I have been extremely lucky to receive all but two of these products as a gift, either from friends, family, or from their PR via goody bags at events. I have an ever growing wishlist of items to add to my collection, and I am waiting for Christmas or birthday to have a spending spree. Marlena always stresses that she keeps the price at the absolute lowest she can without compromising on quality, and I completely respect that, but it does mean that certain items carry a mid to high price tag. It's always worth checking the MUG site or BeautyBay for deals, though! Here's what I've stashed so far...

makeup geek pans in barcelona beach (cool light brown), morocco (tomato red orange), creme brulee (light tan), grandstand (rose gold) and charmed (silvery green)

 Matte eyeshadows in Barcelona Beach, Morocco, Creme Brulee, and Foiled eyeshadows in Grandstand and Charmed. 

Eyeshadows were MUG's first release, and probably the most well known. There is an entire spectrum of colours and finishes, and in my experience they are super buttery and easy to blend. I'm glad that they come without bulky compacts as they are easier to store and it keeps the price down. 

Bubbly Bex Beauty gave me Creme Brulee, and also a great tip: Barcelona Beach is a great contour shade for fair skin! The other shades were all gifted in goody bags, including the stunning rose gold Grandstand. The foiled formula is beautiful but I would advise a good primer, as they slip off me quite easily.

makeup geek plumeria- a black cherry coloured wooden eyeliner- on a pink background with a makeup geek box behind it

This eyeliner in Plumeria is one of my favourite makeup products. The burgundy/cherry shade is so unusual but utterly beautiful, and would look incredible on green eyes. These eyeliners are very creamy, easy to smudge, then set down and last pretty well. 

makeup geek xoxo blush, a coral pink shade, sat on a pink background with a white ribbon beside it

I have not tried this blush in XOXO yet, but it is a perfect coral shade for summer, and a great choice for my pale skin. Makeup Geek is very inclusive and aim to cater to every skin tone with their face products, which is sadly still a rarity with most brands. 

I received this blush in my Curated Combination June box which was £12.50 and included 5 other items, so this blush worked out around £2! 

makeup geek daredevil (bright lavender) and beauty queen (classic red) plush matte lipsticks

In my May box I received a plush matte lip creme in the shade Beauty Queen, which is a glamourous, old Hollywood red. Not too bright, not too dark, just absolutely gorgeous. I also have the shade Daredevil which is a vivid orchid purple. Much harder to wear but I appreciate MUG adding in bolder shades, and I know this one would look stunning on some people. Both have a delicious citrus scent which is so up my street!

The plush matte formula was created to not dry the lips out, nor dry down completely. This makes for a more comfortable wear, and is also more flattering, as it will not highlight every line in the lips.  However, it can transfer and smudge, so I will definitely wear a lipliner and blot the creme down for minimal mess.

Which MUG products have you tried?



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