Friday Five: 21.07.2017

Kayleigh from White Daisies Blue Jeans
Hands up who loves lying awake at night, worrying about money?! Err, so that would be no one, then?

Finance troubles are horrible, but Kayleigh has some really excellent advice to get you back on track and sweetly dreaming.

Bee from Queen Beady
An ex-travel agent and seasoned traveller, Bee has some brilliant tips up her sleeve on how to make those trips extra special. From extra leg room to a bottle of bubbly on arrival, you'd be surprised at how you can go from lovely to luxury, when you know how!

Millie from Modish Rambling
I really struggle with excessive sweating, and, like Millie, have found medicated antiperspirants to be harsh on my skin, but regular ones completely ineffective. Odaban sent her their product to try and it worked wonders for her, so I knew I had to share her post to help anyone in the same boat!

Antonia Louise on YouTube
Far too many vagina owners are still ignoring their smear test invitations, and if Antonia's story doesn't shake some sense into them, nothing will. She is going through gynaecological cancer, and all of the intense, painful treatment, symptoms, and side effects that come with it, and sharing it all to encourage everyone to accept their invitations and make their health a priority.

Allie from Tie Dye Eyes
Even if your wardrobe is packed full of scarlet, emerald, and neon yellow, you still need to click onto this post and gaze at the amazing photos of Allie! What. A. Beaut. She looks fabulous in a pair of fuchsia culottes and has some great tips on not only picking out bright pieces, but feeling your best in them, too.

Who have you been loving lately?



  1. Can't believe I've only just seen this. Thank you so much for including me! Love you my lady xxxxx


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