Friday Five: 07.07.17

Robyn from Hey There Robyn
Jobs are hard to come by these days- my own story is proof of that, but don't let desperation cloud your judgement! Robyn's cautionary tale includes warning signs to look for when a job may not be all the sparkling advertisement makes it out to be. It's a really useful read so make sure to pass it on to any friends just leaving uni or looking to change jobs.

Meg from Megan Beth Blogs
A hugely upsetting story, but one that needed to be told, for Megan's own sake, and for anyone out there who may be going through this horror. I really admire her for exposing such raw memories in order to help herself heal and to spread a message that things can get better and hopefully to inspire someone to speak up. It will be a triggering read for some, so proceed with caution, and seek support.

Kayleigh from White Daises Blue Jeans
Kayleigh's sensible advice is personal centred and so simple. We're not asking you to guide us through breathing exercises or reverse time, we just need a voice of support to silence the doubts in our heads. I love that she has emphasised choice and giving the person autonomy.

Sarah from Oh It's Sare
Hands up if you thought Mac Fix+ or water were the only ways to dampen a brush and work with loose pigments? Well, we were wrong! Inglot Duraline gets full approval for Sare, a makeup artist, and she explains why it should be in every pro kit and beauty bag. I would have had no idea this gem existed without her!

Craig from Craig William
Craig is a guy who hugely invests in his YouTube channel, but has recently found himself giving more to it than is healthy. He found huge pressure to lose weight and fit a mould, and this video is a frank discussion of how important looks are on YouTube, and how he no longer wants to feel forced into fitting in. It could be a difficult watch if you have issues with body image or food, but it's worth watching for an insight into the darker side of what should be a fun hobby.

Who have you been loving lately?



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