Free From Feasting

I consider myself extremely lucky not to have any food allergies or intolerances. While I can choose food purely on preference, I know friends and family who don't have that luxury, and have to scrutinise every label and all the small print before every meal or snack. 

Free and Easy saw that struggle and decided to make choosing food, well, free and easy! Their ranges focus on leaving out the common allergens (wheat/gluten, eggs, dairy, soya, nuts, even mustard and celery) plus meat and refined sugars. Their boxes are all clearly labelled to make selecting even simpler, whether you're coeliac, vegan, or catering to a friend.

A box of diary and gluten free cake mix, a tube of blue icing, and a green silicone pastry brush

The range offers some delicious, warming soup options*, and a variety of ready meals. Both are convenient, quick options, and they are packed with vegetables and spices. Free from allergens but certainly not missing out on flavour!

Free and Easy carrot cake, chocolate cake, and sponge mix boxes sat on a dark brown wooden fence

In addition to the savoury options, there are also four cake mixes*: simple sponge, carrot cake, chocolate, and ginger. Each one is made using rice and potato flours and refined sugar alternatives like xylitol or coconut blossom sugar. All you need to do at home is to add either an egg, water or a milk, and oil, or simply water and oil, depending on what your diet allows. 

I couldn't wait to cook up the chocolate cake, and I found it to be intensely rich and chocolatey, but a little too dense for my tastes. You would certainly only need small pieces, making this a good choice for anyone counting calories. I could be totally to blame as I didn't whisk it as thoroughly as the box advised (rebel at heart), so in future I will make sure to do so, and I would also experiment with adding different flavours, then cutting the mix into small cake bars. 

free from chocolate cake topped with white frosting and cocoa powder sat on pink floral fabric with a gold cake fork beside it
free from chocolate cake topped with white frosting and cocoa powder sat on pink floral fabric with a gold cake fork beside it

The soups and ready meals can be found ordered through Ocado, and the cake mixes are available at Morrisons. It would be a lovely gesture to bake one for a friend's birthday and decorate with fruit and soya or lactose free whipped cream or cream cheese frosting, if their diet allows. 

At £3.75 per cake mix, they are more expensive than regular options, but it's totally worth paying it for the quality ingredients and peace of mind, in my opinion. All too often a restrictive diet can restrict lifestyle, with sufferers not being able to fully relax for fear of consuming the wrong thing. Free And Easy are making it so much simpler for sufferers to enjoy quick, tasty, wholesome foods without fear, and live their lives without limits.

*products were kindly sent to me for feature. Please check my disclaimer for more information.



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