Sunday Shoutout: Fashionicide

I'm not sure how I'd describe my own style. Casual with a twist, perhaps? It is certainly more mainstream and boring than my college days, where my main aim every morning was to throw together an outfit with as many colours as possible! Even then, I don't think my outfits matched up to the quirkiness that is Lima, AKA Fashionicide.

Silver, pastels, and mermaid or unicorn themed looks are Lima's choice, all topped off with a healthy dose of holographic goodness, and killer hair and makeup to match. Nobody could pull off her unique style quite like she can, and I love that she writes with the same bold, unapologetic attitude that she pours into her clothing. 

Having a background in hairdressing means Lima can bring her pastel hair dreams to life at home, and kindly shares her insider knowledge with her readers, and it's not uncommon for her to share the most incredible graphic eyeliner looks and beautiful bright makeup either, but under that stunning shell is a woman with a sharp mind and a voice that needs to be heard. 

Being from Indian origin and the Islamic community, Lima has a different perspective to me as a white woman, and I love learning from her through the information she slips into her blog posts and tweets. By seeing parts of her story and experience, I'm inspired to learn more, which is such an important step in supporting people with less privilege than yourself. Knowledge is power, as they say.

As well as hearing Lima's voice, her Asian readers will also be impressed to see her foundation files. I don't know anyone who finds choosing foundation an easy task, but it's even harder when the high street mostly caters for Caucasian skins. Luckily, Lima has used her (vast) makeup experience to find some gems that work for her, and some great recommendations for readers with a similar skin tone. I'd definitely recommend that any makeup artists out there have a browse of it! 

With 8 years of blogging under her belt, Lima has created one of the most individual blogs I have seen. If you enjoy confidence, cats, and creativity, Fashionicide is the one for you.

Face Lace Dazzledots || Festival Makeup Minus The Cultural Appropriation

Lima was quite rightly sick of seeing bindis being used as baubles, and has created a look that won't cause offence with these holographic stickers that look like they were made for her.

Makeup || The World's Funeral
Just as artists may use gouache to express their grief, Lima has used eyeliner to illustrate her outrage. This post was a really interesting to discuss some political points- I told you she was unapologetic!

Reviews || Phee's Makeup Shop Luxe Holographic Highlighters
If I've described her well enough, you'll already know that 'holographic highlighters' is the most Lima beauty product imaginable! These particular ones are from a small, independent creator, and the review and photos really let them shine.

Who have you been loving lately?



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