Sunday Shoutout: Beauty Creep

How many times have you heard 'just be yourself'? It's an encouraging phrase that we've all heard or said at some point, but it's not advice we always take. I know a girl who utterly embodies it, doing exactly as she pleases without worry or remorse, and I adore her for it. 

Erin, or BeautyCreep, as she goes by, is totally unashamed to share her passions, and doesn't care if they're slightly outside the norm. This is a girl who decorates her room with Freddie Krueger costume and once dressed up as Slash, and she's proud of it! She's unique, hilarious, and as well as filming with unusual props, produces content unlike anything else I've seen online. I mostly watch and read beauty and lifestyle, but Erin's videos are mainly related to walking, the paranormal, and periods. 

Living in Scotland means that the weather isn't exactly tropical, but on those rare sunny days you can guarantee that Erin will be up the nearest mountain with a Snickers, a flask, and her camera, ready to share the breathtaking views. I used to walk with my parents, but I'm a lazy lump and gave it up as soon as I could, and only her videos have inspired me to head for the hills. She's so peaceful and confident on her solo walks, and the way that she passionately talks about her pastime reminds me that the outdoors work wonders for both physical and mental health.

Another pastime that I'm not so keen to indulge in is her exploration of the paranormal. Visiting haunted hideaways and vlogging investigations doesn't phase Erin, whereas I'm usually shaking behind my screen! I find the stories absolutely fascinating, and they often tie into local history and folklore, which is something Erin loves to share on her channel, too. 

Lastly, and most boldly, Erin vlogs her periods. It's not quite as graphic as it sounds, but she certainly doesn't hold back when discussing her symptoms and how the menstrual cycle affects her each day. The purpose of the videos is to serve as a reminder that periods are healthy, normal, and nobody who has them should be ashamed. Recently Erin even discussed a Bartholin cyst, and I really admired her for talking about it and stressing the point that it is so, so important to monitor your health and get straight to the doctor if anything is up down there. The reward for her open, honest sharing is the number of men who get in contact to tell her that they feel more educated and better prepared to help women, including their own wives and daughters. 

Hopefully I've painted a picture of how confident Erin is in her abilities and her interests. A part of me still feels she is in high school and worries that things won't be cool enough to share, no matter how many times I repeat my golden rule: if you're not hurting anyone, it's fine. Erin has shown me that she is not only not harming, but is actually helping people, and on a personal level she inspires me to keep fighting anxiety and following what makes my heart happy. 

Who have you been loving lately?



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