The Great Escape

At the end of May I booked a night away with The Male, out in the Lancashire countryside. We stayed at The Shard Riverside in Hambleton, a 20 minute drive from Blackpool, and a drive I had never done before. It was nervewracking, but those 48 hours packed in a lot of unfamiliar miles, some amazing sights, and surprisingly few arguments with my co-pilot!

We started out by heading to Lytham, one of my favourite places, that I couldn't wait to share with him. I actually hadn't driven on the motorway since September, and I was horrendously poorly that morning, but by some miracle we made the journey with no problems at all. A tiny bit of me maybe even enjoyed it!

Despite visiting Lytham so often, I had never visited Lytham Hall, but on that day they had a bee festival with activities for children, so we wandered in for a nosey around the gardens. I'll definitely be back to see the historical hall itself, and I can foresee a trip to the tearooms on my next visit.

male scarecrow sat at a table with a red teapot and floral teacups
lytham hall, a large red country house with white window frames
alice in wonderland cards in the garden of lytham hall

After strolling around the town, it was time for the real fun to begin! My tummy was in absolute knots as we set off, but soon eased as we sailed past field and forest, and through the gorgeous villages of Wrea Green and Singleton. I wish I had some pictures to show you, but I guess the lack of them means you'll just have to visit and see for yourselves! I had sorely underestimated the beauty that Lancashire had to offer.

view of the river wyre on a sunny day
hotel room with pink orchid print wallpaper and white bedding

Our hotel was certainly proud to show it off, and our room had the most perfect view of the River Wyre. Even the rain didn't deter us from opening our window and letting the fresh breeze in while we watched Cuckoo on the internet enabled TV before we headed out for tea. We settled on reliable old Wetherspoons in Poulton, and I can honestly say that The Poulton Elk was one of the nicest 'Spoons I've ever visited. It was absolutely thriving, even on a Tuesday night, and packed with friends meeting for a drink, families out for tea, and couples grabbing a bite like us. After feeling poorly all day I was more than ready for a huge bowl of tikka masala, and had to be dragged away from the dessert menu in favour of a Malteser tiffin we'd picked up in Lytham. 

When we go away I like to take a bath bomb, but since I knew the room had a power shower, I took a Waltz7 Shower Bomb* instead. The minty vapour it released cleared my sinuses and made me feel so much better, and I was able to breathe easily and sleep deeply all night. We woke up to glorious sunshine, and while we ate breakfast the huge floor-to-ceiling windows let the light stream in and afforded us a lovely view of the water. We watched four herons fishing while we tucked into our strawberry granola, yoghurt, and full English plates.

rusted benches in blackpoolblackpool north pier and beach on a sunny day

With our tummies full and our bags packed, it was time to call into Blackpool before heading home. The town gets such a bad rap, and I would agree that it isn't perfect, but they really have put so much effort into the tourist scene. The beach by North Pier is kept so clean, there are amusement arcades, great shopping, and Madame Tussaud's to see, and the tower is full of amusements from The Dungeons to an aquarium. It overlooks the Comedy Carpet, which we strolled around, reading jokes out to one another. 

I had planned to stop in at the garden centre on the route home, but honestly, I felt like death warmed up, so we cut the trip short. I'm really disappointed that it put such a dampener on our break, but when I think that I conquered so many new routes when I was feeling far from my best, it makes me even prouder! I couldn't have done it without The Male by my side to navigate and calm me, and I'm already excited to book in some more trips over the summer, and keep my newfound confidence high.

Where would you book a night away?

*I received the Shower Bomb in a CarnLIVal goody bag- how kind!



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