Friday Five: 23.06.17

Corinne from Skinnedcartree

Nope, not clickbait. Corinne has actually bared a very serious admission on her blog, about growing up around racist terms, and how she came to learn about their power, and why not to use them. I'm hoping none of my readers need to learn that, but this is a good post to subtly share on Facebook in the hopes that that family member will read it and rethink their ways.

Sarah from Sarah In Wonderland

I have never had an MRI scan but they don't sound at all pleasant. Sarah is an MRI pro, and has shared tips and advice that I had never considered, such as taking an audiobook to help pass the time, and wearing socks to keep the chill away. It really put my mind at ease that if I do have one, it won't be scary, and I feel comforted and prepared.

Alice from Alice Red

From finding inspiration, to planning, preparing, taking, editing, and sharing, Alice has covered the whole process with simple and inspiring nuggets of information. While you're watching this video please do subscribe and stick around- Alice is mad about photography, filming, and editing, and has a wonderful knack for passing the passion without pushing it.

Alex from TheLipstickLady

If you read THIS POST then you'll know I adore Alex anyway, but this post was particularly heartwarming, as she shared a lovely story about her dad and how she appreciates him. Blogs are a great way to celebrate cherished memories, and that's exactly what Alex achieved when she wrote this post. I bet there were a few tears from Daddy Lipstick when he read it!

Mel from Geek Magnifique

With plenty of young people will be leaving school and college soon, this is a great post to keep in mind to show them exactly how to highlight themselves to employers. We all know how competitive the job market is these days, so it's well worth adults looking over these tips and keeping their CV at its best, too.

Who have you been loving lately?



  1. I loved this post, have had a good little read of the posts listed. Good choices! :) x

  2. Some great picks here! Corinne is one of my faves, not only is she a blogging machine but she is a might fine human being and just awesome in general!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland


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