Things I'm Proud Of

From being young, most of us are taught not to brag or boast. We struggle to accept compliments, and society would much rather hear 'I'm ugly' than 'I'm pretty', or 'I'm stupid' than 'I'm intelligent'. Weird, huh? Well, here on WhatLydDid it's a different story. I'm nowhere near perfect, but there are pieces of me that I cherish, and I'd love to encourage you to celebrate yourself, too.

Although I have driving anxiety, I also have thousands of miles under my belt, and a clean driving licence, after passing my practical test first time and scoring highly on my theory. So often it's taken for granted, a typical thing, but I'm still astounded that I can control a whole vehicle just by gauging pressure with my feet, and I can travel wherever I want- anxiety allowing! I'm so grateful to be able to drive, and I owe it all to my dad. He's been ferrying me around for 22 years without a single accident, and he taught me all I know. 

My illustrations
I got a C in GCSE art and my teachers couldn't stand me, but I can waggle my ink stained middle finger at them now, because now I have my own Etsy shop, and my pieces are in homes across the country. Dabbling in graphic design is new to me, but I have been doodling dotwork designs for years, and I'm sure I held a paintbrush before I could walk! I may not be Monet, but it's a hobby that I love and it fills me with pride when others love it too. 

Helping people
I will always, always help anyone if I can. Again, this is an attribute which I owe entirely to my parents, who have raised me to give more than I take and not hesitate to help another. Unfortunately there are many people who seem to have learned the opposite, and I have often been mistaken for a doormat, but it doesn't stop me from giving everyone a chance (and a hand!). 

Tell me what makes you proud!



  1. This is the loveliest post! You are absolutely right - being proud of accomplishments or chatting about them is too often seen as being overly confident or boastful! My intuition and bookworm-esc qualities are two things I like to smile about, both make me happier and do things my way! Xx

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |


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