Things I Collect

My family have come to understand that I have a serious addictive personality. Sometimes it can be really annoying, as I feel compelled to have matching things or full sets of everything, meaning that sometimes I hand over my money for an item I don't love! Thankfully my obsessions are limited to fairly cheap items, so I don't feel too guilty.


Prime example of my need/greed- I even have an apple green mascara! I definitely wouldn't have so much if it weren't for YouTube and blogs. I tell myself that I need to buy more, try more, and my wishlist grows on a daily basis with all the reviews I read. 

I just love the transformative powers that beauty products can have, on my face and on my mood. I could wear a completely difference face every time I apply them, and sometimes that means that I can paint on bravery or happiness.

Nail Polish

With over 180 little bottles, my bank balance is pleased to know that I am slowing down. I used to be fixated with nail art, and now I'm happy to wear just one solid colour- although it does take me hours to choose! 

Again, this is a very cheap collection, and I would always prefer to spend a tenner on a topcoat than the actual colour. I hate spending hours carefully painting thin layers, only for them to be ruined in 3 days! My favourites for a true gel effect are Seche Vite and HK Glisten and Glow. For me, they absolutely live up to the hype.


The sad thing about this one is that I don't even use Sharpies! They bleed through paper and aren't opaque on solid surfaces. So why do I collect them? Because it's like I own a rainbow!

At last count there were 72, and as far as I am aware, I only need 2 more to complete a full set of every fine and super fine. However, these don't come cheap, as I'd need to buy a full set and get it shipped from the US for about 30 squids. Not happening. 

If I had saved every pound that was spent on my collections, I would probably be driving a nicer car, but in the grand scheme of things I really don't care. Every item cost only a few pounds, but they all bring me happiness or confidence!

Do you collect anything?



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