The Magazine You Need To Read

I always associate magazines with feeling very grown up. As a young teen I looked forward to thick, glossy new copies of LOOK magazine, and I remember poring over the pages in awe. Now that I am grown up (physically, at least, mentally I'm still about 14!) I realise that amongst the latest handbags and catwalk styles, there were some messages that I wouldn't want a teen of my own to absorb.

95% of the models were white. 99% were tall, toned, and very slim. 100% had their spots, cellulite, wrinkles, and pores edited away. The articles promoted Beyonce's liquid diet and the workout Jennifer Lawrence swore by to keep a tiny figure. The 'breaktime buys' showed jeans that would cost more than a full shift on minimum wage.

I don't mean to attack LOOK magazine, in fact, it's probably the least damaging of the bunch, but all the same there was a clear message that perfection was rich, white, and running on kale and clay masks.

It was time for a change, and I found it in the form of Love From magazine. With a variety of typical people writing for typical people, you can guarantee that each issue will leave you feeling encouraged, uplifted and inspired rather than deflated and dejected. Instead of diet tips you'll find useful suggestions on how to build a business, and in place of the same old interviews, you can look forward to absorbing thought provoking answers from influencers, business owners, and most recently, a Radio 1 DJ!

I love that I can still read a glossy magazine with a mixture of features and writers, and without any of the subtle digs that feed the vicious cycle of lowering women's confidence to raise profits in the beauty and fashion industries. Instead, I am funding a small business, and I like to think of it as investing in my own confidence. I would recommend it to anyone, especially teens or their parents, I just wish it had been around when I was that age.

Update: Love From magazine has now become Queen Zine, which you can follow @queenzineuk on Instagram!



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