Sunday Shoutout: The Lipstick Lady

Have you ever seen someone so glamorous that you felt intimidated by them? Maybe that's just a reaction formed from my experiences with my school's own Mean Girls, but I must admit that it was how I felt when I first saw Alex, or, as she is known, The Lipstick Lady.
We were at a hair event, of all places, on the day that I had had my hair bluntly hacked off in the name of donation. I felt an utter mess, and she looked so put together, but I should have known better than to judge a book by its beautiful cover, because it turns out that she is an absolute sweetie pie!

There's no denying Alex's passion for makeup, as she loves nothing more than to share it on her blog and Instagram (thelipsticklady_). She really knows her stuff, and if I ever need high end recommendations you can be sure I'll turn to her first. Most days she can be found snapping glam makeup tutorials and making them look so easy- she often dances to 80s tunes while she blends! Her Snapchat story is also the place for quick reviews, mini hauls, life updates, and the most adorable snaps of her puppy, Barney.

If you're looking for more in depth reviews then you simply must head over to her blog. As an English language student, she writes beautifully, and again, the passion flows through in every post. As well as expressing her love for makeup, skincare, and haircare, she can also turn her hand to personal posts, such as her breast reduction story. Everything she writes is intended to help in some way, and this is reflected in her kind and positive tone. If only I'd read it before I stepped into that salon!

Dive in:
Definitely a post for anyone considering a breast reduction. Alex has shared her story to explain why she had this procedure, what happened, and the impact it has had on her. 
You can't do perfect glam makeup without caring for your canvas! Read all about Alex's favourite skincare brand. 
8 reviews in 1 post to really give you a feel for Alex's tone and passion.



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