Summer Staycation Plans*

Whilst fear and funds- or lack thereof- mean I might not be trekking through the Amazon any time soon, I'm hopeful that I can manage to see some sights much closer to home this Summer. We have some amazing places to explore right here in Blighty, and you can even hop on cheap flights to some UK destinations to save time, money, and stress.

a photograph of the liverpool wheel on a sunny day with blue skiesa bag of sweets held up in front of the liverpool skyline, with liverpool cathedral in the background

Liverpool and The Wirral
Liverpool wasn't a city of culture for nothing, you know! I have plenty of pals there who are always sharing incredible restaurant reviews and exciting events, and I can't think of a better place or people to help bring me out of my comfort zone. 

My gals Katy and Sammy have been begging me to see them in The Wirral for ages now (I'm in high demand) and I really, really must oblige. I'm still not over the fact that it has a ferry over to the city, plus its own beach! 

Whether you're a true Liverpudlian or a Plazzy Scouser like me, I'm sure you can take inspiration from Allie's ode to Liverpool!

With over 31,000 lochs to its name, I couldn't specify one particular part of Scotland's great outdoors I'd most like to see! If you have any suggestions or posts then please do hit me up. 

Erin is practically an ambassador for Scotland, and the breathtaking views she shares in her vlogs inspire an awe and yearning inside me. I've seen Edinburgh and Melrose but next time I'd love to get my heart pumping and my lungs filled with fresh air with a loch hike, then visit some sweet towns, and maybe reward myself with an infamous deep fried Mars bar!

It would be nice to indulge in the city scene too, and from what my friend Charlotte has shared, Glasgow seems to be a great place to do it. There's amazing architecture, celebrated culture, and it just seems a bit cooler than the capital- sorry Edinburghians!

Isle Of Man
Most people would put far flung tropical beaches on their bucket lists, or perhaps towering cities, or the wonders of the world. Me? I've put the Isle of Man! I have wanted to go for months, but was always deterred by the ferry prices. I recently discovered that Liverpool John Lennon Airport offer flights, which makes my dream much more manageable.

Although it's tiny the island is packed full of history and tradition, all of which is as quirky and kooky as me. Tail-less cats, viking sheep, and the infamous fairy bridge all call my name, and I would love to explore them for myself. The Cregneash Folk Village celebrates it all, so I'd be sure to take a trip there, and of course I would take my camera along to capture memories and sights of the castles and scenery. I'll just avoid overlapping with the TT- I'm more into relaxing beaches than racing bikes!

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