Friday Five: Summer Home Scents

There are so many scents I associate with summer. Coconutty sun cream, hot sand, ice cream lollies, cut grass, barbecues... the list goes on! As the weather heats up I want to add my own home scents to the mix, and I automatically gravitate towards bright bursts of fruity freshness. 

3 primark tealights stacked on rainbow striped plate

 Starting off with one of the cheapest and best candles ever: Primark's very own tealights. These red berry and jasmine ones burn so well, throwing the scent beautifully. As for the scent itself, it is almost exactly the same as Fruitella chews! I really hope these are still available so you can sniff for yourselves. 

large ikea peach and clementine candle

Another budget banger comes from the blogger haven: IKEA. There's no actual name, but the peach and clementine scent is as delectable as the picture on the lid. There is a slight bitter edge, like peach stones and orange peel, making this a tad less sweet and a little more refined. 

yankee candle pineapple cilantro and mango peach salsa wax tarts

I couldn't overlook the candle kings themselves! I love mixing my own custom cocktails, and this combination certainly smells good enough to sip. The pineapple cilantro is a really nice one to freshen up your kitchen after you've been marinating your barbecue goodies. 

naissance lemon essential oil

Finally I wanted to share a home scent idea that will also help anyone who is feeling stuffy or suffering with a dry throat or skin. Put a few drops of citrus oil in a dish or cup of water, and leave it by a sunny window. As the water evaporates it will moisten the air and disperse the sunny citrus scent. This is ideal for children who want to scent their own space, but aren't old enough for matches or candles.

How do you scent your home?



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