Shopping My Stash

With 3 ALEX drawers groaning under the weight of all the beauty bits crammed in them, it's really no surprise that I'm guilty of forgetting some of the gems hidden within. I recently had a little switch up to resolve that, and wasn't disappointed! Here's what I uncovered... 

I feel like there was a celebration around these when they first arrived, but it quickly died down. I'm here to bring it back! These shadows infinitely outshine their <£5 price tag, boasting the rich, multi-faceted pigment you would expect from a high end splurge. The colour range isn't my favourite- I would love to see a matte or two- and the cardboard packaging means this isn't one for travel, but of course, that's how they keep the price down and make great products accessible to all.

Benefit Posietint with Collection Pro Lip Lacquer in Rebel (pink) and Show Off (coral)

Everything I hate in a gloss, yet I love it! It's super sticky, not moisturising and it sometimes gives me that white line on the inside of my lip. Mmm. What is that, anyway? Scientists, please put bioenergy on the backburner and solve the riddle. 

So why do I love it? Because, my dears, this lacquer is the easiest way to wear a lovely, bright colour! It won't bleed or wear off in patches, and thanks to its sticky nature, it actually lasts a pretty long time. I just make sure to wear lip balm and tie my hair back!

I loathe the original Benetint formula, so when I received a miniature of this I expected the same patchy, drying, hideous formula, but I couldn't be more wrong! It's a gel texture, giving much more blend time for beginners or dry skinned girls, without compromising on lasting power. It is the ideal easy Spring lip, and since waiting a whole year to dig it out, I can't stop wearing it this season.

Shimmering neutral brown eyeshadow single

Makeup Revolution 'Cappuccino' Single
When I was 17 I went on a school trip to London and bought an eyeshadow palette from Forever 21. In it there lived the greatest shadow I have ever known. I threw it away a few years later, deeming it too gross, but I always missed that one particular shimmery brown shade. I bought Cappuccino as a dupe, but scornfully left it to gather dust when it didn't match up. 

I've since dug it out, and found it to be the most perfect every day wash of colour as it complements any and all makeup looks. The slim, sturdy little compact means it's great to throw in my makeup bag, and while the buttery formula does crease and fade a little, it's no worse than anything more expensive.

What's hiding in YOUR stash?



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