Photo Diary: Park Life

It's often the case that when we visit places from our childhood, they're just not the same. Times have changed, places and people are different, and our rose tinted glasses are gone. But sometimes we can revisit our childhood favourites and find them to be even better than we remembered. 

Such is the case with Heaton Park, Manchester. I remember feeling overwhelmed as a child, because there was so much to see and it was always so busy when we visited at the weekends. There was a playground full of exciting things, but my shyness meant that I would often stand by and miss out, and as such, I wasn't sad when we moved away and our visits stopped. 

Last week I had a day off work, the sun was shining, and my parents had heard good things about Heaton Park's own garden centre, so we called back. This time around I found that it had been regenerated, with the farmyard thriving, the grand hall being restored, and even a high wire course on offer. I was glad to see that one things remained, though- the super tame squirrels which will feed from your hand!

close up of donkey's nose
pig eating banana skins
rows of pink and red flowers in garden centre
squirrel stood on a park pathway

PS: Heaton Park also plays host to the Park Life festival every year- that pun was just too good to miss! 

What was your favourite childhood place?



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