Lytham And Lipstick

I almost felt bad for doing another photo diary style post, but this is exactly why I created a blog! Present Lyd is telling stories that future Lyd doesn't want to forget. Stories of simple Sundays that could get lost in the rush of life. As we all know, the simple things in life are often the best, and I love sharing them- with the future, and with friends.

Sunday started with a traditional English breakfast, something I've recently started loving, after years of hating breakfast food. The London Marathon was being televised as I ate, and I felt a lump in my throat which wasn't to be blamed on the bacon! I naughtily hadn't realised that people with disabilities can, and do, take part, and seeing a visually impaired runner with her guide gave me such an intense rush of pride for her, which only increased when I saw the footage of Matthew Rees helping David Wyeth across the finish line. So many people pushing themselves to the absolute limit for worthy causes was a sight to behold, and I feel awe towards each one.

After my huge breakfast I could barely walk, let alone run, so my parents and I mosied along the streets of Lytham, a tiny seaside town that epitomises the phrase 'small but perfectly formed'. The houses and cottages are chocolate box perfection, and the town centre plays host to plenty of independent cafes and businesses, which is sadly a rare sight.

flower bed with red, white, and pink flowers
park area in lytham, lancashire

There is also a little square, where a flagged beach hut was sitting this weekend, proudly advertising the events celebrating St George's day weekend. As well as hosting a yearly music festival, it would seem that Lytham loves the saint's day, and as we ambled to the front we saw the family fun day marquees set up for business, alongside families enjoying picnics. It was really lovely to see the community coming together and enjoying the sunshine, and of course it wouldn't be right to settle into people watching without an ice cream in hand!

windmill on the green in lytham, lancashire
holding up icecream with raspberry sauce and chocolate flake
whatlyddid eating icecream

I'm sure you know by now that I love garden centres, so when we had our fill of Lytham we drove out to one nearby. It has its own cat, and a farm shop, where the smells of fresh baked pies got my tummy rumbling again! I found a substitute in these Seabrook's Steak and Ale crisps*, which are ridged for more flavour. The flavour itself includes Theakston ale and is surprisingly vegetarian friendly, making the crisps great for sharing, and the reseal bag means there will be no crumbs if you find the willpower to save some for later!

tabby cat wearing sunglasses
seabrooks steak and ale crisps

Oh, and if you were wondering how lipstick played into the Lytham equation, it's because wearing bright lipstick has become something of a tradition for me when I visit! For a reason I can't determine I just feel more comfortable wearing my boldest shades there, and I love that I have come to equate certain shades with memories. I will remember Maybelline Fiery Corail as being the lipstick I wore when I watched The London Marathon! 

What would be your perfect Sunday?

*I received the crisps in an event goody bag- how kind!



  1. NEVER apologise for photo diaries, I love them! That windmill is screaming to be an OOTD backdrop!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland


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