Lyd's Life Lessons

Am I really qualified to give life lessons? Well, that's debatable, but I have been through a lot, and found that happiness really boils down to the little things. All too often I am quick to be angered or saddened by something small, yet I can easily overlook the little joys that life brings me. I have some reminders that help me to do just the opposite, and I hope they can help you, too.

One of my secrets to happiness is always having a brand spanking new pair of undercrackers tucked away in my drawer. The print is bright, not yet faded from the wash, and that pristine elastic is just waiting to give my bum a lovely firm hug. They're cheap enough to stockpile, and when I know I'm going to have a particularly tough day I'll pull out those shiny new socks or pants and face the day feeling a little bit better. Try it and thank me later!

While we're talking about stockpiling, try and hide things as a lovely surprise for your future self when you can. You'll struggle to find a better feeling than pulling a tenner from your old coat pocket, so do yourself a favour and stash some cash now, or pop a chocolate bar in your glovebox and do your best to forget about them.
I'm not sure most people have a motto, but mine is 'there's always something to be excited for', and  by squirrelling away the odd choccy bar or pair of Brazilians, I'm making sure I always have exactly that. Sometimes we can be spoilt for choice, with lots of positives ahead of us, and other times it is much more difficult and we must look harder. It's because of those times that I am truly able to appreciate the tiny but lovely elements that make our lives better. Be excited to stroke your pet when you come home, look forward to sipping your tea at the perfect temperature, and of course, get giddy over new knickers!

What little things make you happy?

PS: the starry socks in this post were given to me in a goody bag by Colourful Rebel. I bet they never expected them to mean so much to me!



  1. Such a lovely post. And socks are THE BEST! I love a clean pair of cosy socks!

    1. Everyone says they're a naff Christmas present but I'm always thrilled! xx

  2. It's the simple things! I love getting a brand new notebook, and giving myself time in the morning before work to brew a cup of tea.

    Amber ||


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