Hero Product: Kiko Cream Eyeshadow Sticks

swatches of brown, bronze, and purple kiko cream eyeshadow sticks on a cupcake print paper
black eye crayons arranged in a circle on a red and green polka dot background

Cream eyeshadow sticks are one of the best inventions, ever. Seriously, they're up there with the wheel in my humble opinion, and for me, these KIKO ones might just be the best of the best.

Boasting a pigment packed formula in a huge array of shades, there really is a colour for everyone, and I defy anyone not to adore the way the colour blends, builds, and sets to a waterproof, smudge proof finish, making them an ideal base to grip and enhance powder shadows.

Sometimes a buyer has to choose between a low price and a luxe pay off, but not with these! Each stick costs just £6.90, but there has been no compromise on creating a formula that far outweighs that price. The shades are so multi dimensional, with a mesmerising mixture of shimmers, super fine glitters, and some slightly larger particles, depending on the shade you choose. They never look too chunky, and I can always rely on them for a pretty wash or a bold block of colour.  They can even be applied with a fine brush as eyeliner. 

swatches of brown kiko eyeshadow sticks on a cupcake print paper
swatches of purple kiko eyeshadows on a cupcake print paper

The shades I have are as follows:
Top left to right: 25, 38, 05, 06
Bottom left to right: 04, 39, 36, 37

Not particularly inspiring names, but I suppose I will overlook this in favour of the shades themselves! As you can see, I have chosen mostly browns, with a few pinky purples thrown in for good measure. My absolute favourites are 05- a gorgeous lilac taupe hybrid, packed with shimmer, and 06- a rich, warm, golden brown. They are dupes for By Terry's infamous Blackstar sticks in Misty Rock and Bronze Moon, so I hear.

The end of each stick is swatched with an exact match to the colour it holds, making them even more perfect for adding to your makeup bag. They are an absolute essential in mine, as I love the versatility and their amazing performance.

Which colour would you choose?



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