Friday Five: 5.05.17

In my last Friday Five post I told you that I wanted to dedicate a regular spot to shouting out the  content I've really enjoyed of late. I'd love you to check out the posts I've linked, and share your own lists to support creators.

Elena at

Even hearing the phrase 'Search Engine Optimisation' gives me brain pain, so I asked on Twitter for help and Elena really came up trumps with this handy dandy guide for beginners and old hands alike. Breaking it down into alphabetical order makes it easy to skip to specific terms, and makes it easy to read and absorb. 

Millie at

It goes without saying that this may be triggering to some, and it's a difficult read for all. Millie has opened up about how it feels to be in that situation, and how she has coped with the aftermath. It is incredibly brave of her to share, and I hope it can bring hope to anyone who can relate. 

Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey are twin vloggers, and the stars of the Cute Girls Hairstyles channel. The CGH blog was actually one of the first I ever stumbled upon and I remember thinking how nice the family seemed, and now they are hugely successful but still just as kind and humble. The twins' success has now reached into the music world, and their second release, Simple Things, is just lovely. It's a bit Disney/early Taylor Swift, but I can't stop listening!

Alice at

I went along to the Arty Party but my photos weren't nearly as good as Alice's! I'll let myself off though, she does have a Masters in photography, after all. We tried our hand at 3 crafting workshops: calligraphy, block stamping, and notebook customising. Intrigued? Well, head over to Alice's post and take a look!

Ellie Dalton on Youtube

I hadn't been excited by a YouTube video for a long time, but when I saw that Ellie had uploaded this it was like Christmas had come early! I've followed her for such a long time, and she had taken a 5 month break while she flew out to Austria to be a chalet hostess for a season, and soon she'll be heading out to be a leader at Camp America, so now is a good time to subscribe and get to know her. She is far more adventurous, mature, and 'put together' than I am, yet still so sweet and down to Earth. As well as weekly vlogs she also uploads super glam makeup looks, so if you love the likes of Jaclyn Hill and NikkieTutorials, I have a feeling you'll be a fan.

Who have you been loving lately?



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