Friday Five: 19.05.17

Credit to individual owners- listed below
6 Months As a Registered Nurse
Danielle at Student to Staff Nurse
It was International Nurses Day on the 12th, and Danielle wrote this post reflecting on her training and work to commemorate it. I can't begin to express the respect I have for nurses, and Danielle is a perfect example of the incredibly hard work they do to care for their patients' physical health as well as their emotional wellbeing. I love that she shares her story on her blog.

Alex Tizon for The Atlantic
Technically not a blog post, but I felt duty bound to tell people about this moving, difficult read. Alex has bared all and admitted his family's secret to the world in order to share Lola's story and pay tribute to a woman who was treated as unimportant, inhuman, for far too long. 

Nishi at Nishi V Mua

If you love makeup and Disney, this will be right up your alley! Watch and learn as MAC artists transform actors into Aladdin's genie, or The Lion King's Rafiki. The level of talent involved is breathtaking, and as I love musical theatre myself, I can truly appreciate how every creative decision affects what the audience sees and feels.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Kiss EDT Review
Charlotte at Colours and Carousels
If the rapid movement of the months has you pondering your summer perfume, Daisy Kiss will appeal to Marc Jacobs and sweet scent lovers alike. I actually had no idea that this had been released, but after reading Charlotte's description I will be hunting down a tester immediately! She also shares her thoughts on what perfume means to her, making it a personal read as well as a great review.

Pho-Liverpool-Bold Street
Sarah at Saloca in Wonderland
As I wrote in my summer staycation plans, I am really hoping to explore Liverpool more, and after reading Sarah's review of Pho, it has landed firmly on my must visit list! Every dish she photographed looks delicious, and the authentic food and experience perfectly highlight how cultured Liverpool is.

Who have you been loving lately?



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