Faith In Nature Shampoo Review

If you told me to describe a truly perfect shampoo I would list the following: great scent, cleans well without stripping, and helps more than just my hair. Faith In Nature have smashed every single point out of the park with their range, and I feel they deserve much more recognition for it!

faith in nature watermelon and seaweed and citrus shampoos propped up in grass with bluebells behind them

I first started using their products when I saw them in an Oxfam shop. I was drawn in by the organic, natural extracts, and I liked that they were supporting causes worldwide, but I wasn't really sure what to expect. About 5 years later, and it's safe to say that my first foray went well, as I started to explore more, and recently picked up my third and fourth bottles of their shampoo.

Sometimes natural brands only have small selections, but Faith In Nature really do offer something for everyone- including babies and pets, plus home cleaning solutions! I have tried their bar soap and conditioner, but it's really their shampoo that has has floated my boat. They offer 21 varieties, from chocolate to cedar, and even fragrance free. 

The basic formula is made with ALS rather than SLS. They are both sulfates, but ALS is gentler on your hair, and won't strip you of the oils that protect your scalp. This does make it very, very slightly harder to work with as it won't foam quite as well as an SLS formula, but my preference is to foam it up in my hands first, and apply it when my hair is absolutely sodden. When I do it this way I don't use a huge amount, and therefore each bottle lasts me a good 6 months. Amazing value for around £6 each!

Speaking of the bottles, they are made out of recycled materials, which is always nice to see. Ideally we would all refill our bottles from big vats at the shops, and cut down on waste even further, but until that day arrives, it's always nice to know that my plastic bottle is very slightly kinder to the Earth, and its contents are jam packed with natural, fairly traded, cruelty free goodness.

I'm so glad that I picked a bottle up all those years ago! Whether you are looking for products that are Vegan, British-made, or simply want watermelon scented locks, I would totally recommend their range. You can buy them at health food shops, Superdrug, on their site, or my personal preference, via Oxfam shops.

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