My Dirty Makeup Secret

Apparently there are people in this world who actually discard their beauty products when they are supposed to, but I'm not one of them! If it smells, looks, and performs the same as day 1, you can bet I'm keeping it on day 101.... or 1,001.

Yep, today I am sharing with you my grossest beauty secret: I have, and use, an eyeshadow palette that is over 10 years old! 

It really hit home how gross this palette is when I realised that some of you reading this won't even be old enough to remember this Natural Collection packaging! Their current design is much sleeker, but back in the day it was all about the floral motif and sturdy tin cases.

To make it more disgusting, this Natural Collection number wasn't even mine to begin with. My sister had decided the bin as its fate, but when I spied the brown shade I just had to save it. It is the most perfect brow shade I have ever found, and I may actually shed a tear on the day when the pan is completely clean.

The cream shade is also a favourite that I can't seem to give up, because it makes such a nice undereye setting powder. As well as mattifying it adds a nice brightness, and the soft powder almost gives an optical blur. Not bad for a £5 palette from a decade ago.

I don't use the purple or white powders, but I would love to see a modern palette with an eyeshadow like the white one. It's actually an iridescent topper! It would be perfect for an ethereal inner corner glow, but even I draw the line at applying the ancient formula so close to my eye!
Modern palettes fight for the butteriest formulas, the most photogenic packaging, and the top celebrity endorsement, but I can't think of any that copy this simple format. Slim but relatively sturdy packaging, 2 matte neutrals, 2 more colourful shimmer shades, and 1 highlight, and a pocket money price tag. That curated collection could easily achieve plenty of different looks, all while being easy to travel with and a perfect starting point for beginners.

One day I promise to replace these shades and hopefully build a similar palette with MUG singles, but for now, my brows just can't be without it!

What's the oldest makeup you own? 



  1. I have to confess to the same thing! But my make up I use is like 15 years old!!!

    Lauren :) x

  2. I think we've all committed this beauty sin, I know I have a few bits in my drawer that are over 5 years old, they still smell and look ok, so why get rid of a perfectly good product.

    Sharon xx

  3. Haha you make me laugh so much, I love how it was destined for the bin and you saved it. 😂 I do agree though the brown shade is gorge x


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