Sunday Shoutout: By Charlotte Ann

Ready for some real talk? I wouldn't be writing this blog if it wasn't for Charlotte. In 4 years of absorbing content, I have never seen anyone with the raw passion and determination that she has for her blog, By Charlotte Ann, which used to be Colours and Carousels.

Full credit for Charlotte's logo belongs to her and her designer.
By Charlotte Ann logo: handwritten black 'Charlotte Ann' over a large, pale pink formal text reading 'BY'

When you click onto her blog, you never know what the latest post may be. Fashion, food, health, or travel, Charlotte can turn her hand to anything and writes each post with astounding quality and seriously swoon worthy photographs- plus a healthy dose of cat features! She really does eat, sleep, and breathe blogging, and isn't shy about sharing her passion and the lessons she's learned. Through devouring every piece she puts out, I became more and more inspired to properly throw myself into blogging, and her advice has proved invaluable in helping me to hit the ground running.

We all know how annoying it is when we ask a girl where her dress is from and she pretends not to know, and it's doubly annoying when you want to know all the best blog tips. Who should I tag for retweets, how many times should I post, where do you buy the best summer props? I can guarantee you that Charlotte holds the answers, and if you're looking to up your blogging game, or even just to get started, I would highly recommend signing up to her newsletter, which promises regular tips and advice from the queen herself, all for the low cost of... nothing! There's no greater testament to how hardworking and kind Charlotte is.

Even if you're not a blogger yourself, I truly believe that her dedication is infectious, and you can channel it into whatever interests you. Keep learning, sharing, networking, and building just as she does, and you will reap the rewards. 

Dive in: 
How To Get Free Stuff For Your Blog
So you want to start working with PRs and receiving #bloggermail? You'd better read this for no-frills advice!
Glasgow Burgerthon Series
If, like me, Man Vs. Food is your guilty pleasure, you will live for the Burgerthon series! Being a wee Glasgae lassie, Charlotte has reviewed local independent spots, but has also given chains a chance, too, meaning you can take her expert advice when looking for the best burgers in your town.
Brand Focus: Pixi Beauty
If you've ever been curious about Pixi's skincare or cosmetics, you can trust Charlotte to share her honest opinions in this run down of their line up.
My Endometriosis Story
Endo is a huge struggle for so many women, and yet we don't hear about it nearly enough. It's painful, it's debilitating, and by writing about it Charlotte gives hope to fellow sufferers- reminding them they're not alone- and educates others. She also suffers with alopecia and covers that with sensitivity and strength, with the aim to support anyone in the same boat.

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