April Favourites

April has been good to me. I turned 22 and started my new year positively. I started a new job, I pushed myself and my comfort zones, and I just generally feel like I am better and brighter than the Lyd I knew in March. April in itself has been a favourite, and there are plenty of things that made it so.

group of girls on a sunny balcony at Hope Street Hotel Liverpool
Photo by Hannah, excellent editing by yours truly- we were determined to get a photo of the whole group together!
I'll start off with my ultimate favourite: CarnLIVal. I honestly still feel like I dreamed the whole day, because it was too perfect to be true. Katy and Sam organised it as though they have degrees in event management and years of full time experience, with every tiny detail being catered to. We even had rose gold straws! There were so many generous brands involved, so you lucky lot can look forward to plenty of reviews of the goodies they gave us. 

Part of the reason that the day was so fantastic was meeting and reuniting with friends old and new. For so much of my life I have been the odd one out, the weird one in the corner, and to spend the whole day confident in the presence of people I adore and who love me back was really something special.

pot of day cream on grey blanket

One of the brands on board was DermaV10, who had popped their Innovations day cream into my bag. I find that DermaV10 are fab when it comes to offering simple, fuss free products that really do the trick, and this was no different. My skin is hard to please, with most moisturisers either being too rich and clogging, or simply not hydrating enough. This hits the perfect middle ground by sinking in quickly, leaving my skin smooth, plump, and prepped for makeup, and still feeling comfortable by the evening. It doesn't make my skin oily or spotty, and the best part is that a little goes such a long way. A proper budget hero!

Keeping up with the soft skin theme, the ASDA Coconut and Macadamia shower gel is a tropical dream! Although I'm not usually the biggest coconut fan, I find the sweet, creamy scent very soothing before bed, and it lingers on my skin really well. It's super cheap, really convenient to pick up with my shopping, and cruelty free, too. 

To know me is to know that I love a cream blush, but even I can struggle with the stickier formulas, and the very nature of them means that they often don't last as long as their powdery partners. Bourjois have made all my dreams come true with this cream-to-powder formula in beautiful, buildable shades, and the sweetest Polly Pocket style packaging. They are so, so easy to blend and wear- I just wish I could get my hands on 03 to complete the set!

I had to throw in a music favourite because I absolutely cannot get enough of The Kooks! I have given their ~2008 tracks a revival, with Ooh La and Junk Of The Heart being on full volume, and on repeat. Ordinarily it makes me cringe when people blast music from their cars, but come summertime I will have no shame in treating my fellow road users to a Kooks heavy playlist.

What made your April awesome?



  1. I need to try the Nude Velvet Blush, what a pretty shade. Sounds like you had a fab month!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. It's honestly fabulous, it's become a fast favourite for 'no makeup makeup days! xx

  2. I agree with CarnLIVal it was so amazing and wow them Bourjois offerings are just a bit pretty they remind me if the Stila convertible colour blushes. Xx

    1. They are a little easier to work with than my beloved Stila ones, I find they dry down a little better :) xx


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