Sunday Shoutout: Allure La Vie

What do you call someone who works full time, raises a child, and posts regular magazine worthy content? Superwoman? Nope, Antonia!
Blog header and credit belong to Antonia, of course!
This lovely Liverpudlian came into my life via a group chat, and my goodness, am I glad! Antonia is the most well rounded, balanced person you can imagine, which is always a welcome antidote to my more fiery personality. Despite being calm and laidback, Antonia still has a real fire in her belly when it comes to Allure La Vie, as well as some delicious food in there, too!

Most food blogs leave me feeling totally overwhelmed with health jargon or a encyclopaedic list of ingredients, but Antonia manages to create beautiful fresh, healthy, balanced meals which are made from simple ingredients that we all recognise, and won't take hours of faffing in the kitchen, nor thousands from your wage packet. The emphasis is on nourishing herself and her son, and packing nutrients into delicious dishes, which is a refreshing change from the many blogs that automatically tie healthy eating to weight loss and appearance. 

As well as sharing her mouthwatering recipes and professional looking photos, Antonia also loves to chat about luxury beauty, lifestyle, and has even branched out into mental health posts, with the aim to bring inspiration and light to her readers. Having gone through various struggles of her own she has now come through the other side, and I completely trust the pearls of wisdom and advice that come from her life experience. 

Everything about Allure La Vie is uplifting, each word is written with love and great intentions. I would recommend a read to anyone, but especially to those who are feeling lost and want to look to somebody for hope and inspiration.

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