Why I'm Pro-Blocking

If the block button were a physical button on my keyboard, I can guarantee the text would be faded and the matte finish would long since have worn smooth through such avid use. 

Blocking is often frowned upon. It's seen as weak, bitchy, pathetic, and petty. Well, think that if you want, but it's not going to stop me from curating my own little online universe! I have to deal with enough infuriating people offline that I (unfortunately) can't block out, so I'm sure as hell not missing the opportunity when it comes to my social media. 

So, what will earn you a place in my Hall Of Shame? I'm glad you asked! I absolutely cannot deny that some of these are extremely petty, but I just really don't see the point in letting bad eggs spoil my proverbial basket. 

Unfortunately in the blogosphere there are a few people who are known for all the wrong reasons. Something will kick off, I'll hear their name, and think 'not again'. I block these people as a precaution so I don't cross them, but also so I'm less likely to see the dramz unfolding on my deed.

Spammy Susans
AutoDM? Block. F4F? Block. Fake, insincere, self promoting comments? Block. Don't follow me but randomly tag me in a tweet promoting a 3 year old post? Block. Yes, this actually happened! We all want our blogs to grow and I love to support my friends, but I'm not down for these pushy tactics.

As it suggests, this hashtag is for bloggers wanted to collaborate with PRs or other projects, not bloggers wanting collaborations, contacts, or simply views. I'm sick of seeing the feed get clogged up, so when I spot repeat offenders- you guessed it- I block them.

Too close for comfort 
I wrote about this here, but basically, stalky stalky = blocky blocky. Many of us worry about hurting other people's feelings, but you don't exist to please others. If they make you feel uncomfortable, put yourself first and cut them off.

The other day a man who wasn't a blogger or seemingly anything related to my content followed me. Out of curiosity I viewed his profile, where I was met with some VERY naughty images of women. Anything of that sort immediately rings alarm bells and tells me that they're not the sort of guy following young women for a chat about the latest beauty trends. Reported. Blocked. Gross. Same applies to 'hey sexy/ you are lovely lady' messages I'm sure we've all put up with.

I'm not Hermione Granger, I'm not fighting you in the girls' bathroom or on the internet! If getting blocked gives you your kicks then you enjoy it flower, and I'll enjoy a feed free of your bile. I'd highly recommend everyone follows suit with this one, they won't listen to reason and as long as you give them attention, they're winning. Do yourself a favour and don't play their games.

So there we are, the reasons that I block and expect to be blocked. It's a two way street, and while I hope to never make anyone uncomfortable, I won't argue if I don't belong in their social media bubble.

What makes you reach for the block button?



  1. Totally with you on this! There are some people I do not need in my life and if the blocking button worked IRL I would totally be using it there too! There are things I do and don't wanna read, and I see nothing wrong with that!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Hi there! I totally get where you're coming from with all these. The only one I would add is those people in blogger groups who add their Instagram, twitter, blog links etc and expect people to follow them and either don't follow back or do but the unfollow. Those people now get blocked. Great post :)


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