Friday Five: 21.4.17

I am a huge believer in supporting other creators, and wrote a list of suggestions, with one of them being round up posts that highlight work you've been loving. Following my own advice, I'm hoping to dedicate every other Friday to shouting out and sharing my friends' talent.

Sarah Jane at the Scarlet State

Sarah's passion for the environment is infectious but not at all overbearing or pushy. In this post she shared 5 incredibly simple ways to be kinder to the Earth we live in, and I will definitely be making changes myself!

Sharon at Rosie Loves Life

I don't know about you, but I hate loafing around all weekend. When Sunday night flies around I feel really disappointed that I didn't do more with my spare time. Sharon has shared loads of ways to ensure that never happens, and they're all free or affordable!

This is what I said to Samm and I think it's the best description I could give you, too: 
It's not 'oh woe is me' nor is it 'hey I was ill and now it's peachy'. It's a raw, real story that proves that anyone can suffer and bottle things inside, but they can also get better too. Not in a day, not in a week, but a little bit at a time, with the help of loved ones and professionals alike. I think it will give people a lot of hope and comfort.

I FOUND A CYST?! Week In The Life Of A Period Vlog
Erin at BeautyCreep

Erin's period vlogs are always important and insightful, helping to educate people about menstruation and break down stigmas surrounding it, but this week's was especially important. Thankfully Erin is fine, but she found a Bartholin's cyst, and by talking about it on the internet she showed that intimate health is not something to brush under the rug (haha). Know your body and see your doctor if something is not right!

55 Lifestyle Related Blog Post Ideas
Caitlin at ThroughTheMirror

Spoiler alert- I'm hoping to blog every day in May! Caitlin's ideas have really boosted my enthusiasm and given me plenty of inspiration for getting 31 quality posts up. If you're up for the challenge, in a blogging slump, or just starting out, I guarantee there will be something here to get you going.

Who have you been loving lately?



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