Easter Memories

Until this year I'd never truly realised how much I loved Easter. I grew up going to church, then church school, but not personally having a faith, so the Easter stories never had much attachment to me. It's only when I looked back that I saw all the memories that have made it a special, sentimental time.

One of my earliest Easter memories comes from when I was tiny, but still stays so clear and dear in my mind. My mum used to work with a lady who loved to knit, and one Easter time she brought home two knitted chicks, one with a red bow and one with a green, and each with a creme egg inside. I thought they were so incredibly special. Mine is long gone, but I'm hoping my sister's is still tucked away somewhere.

Another old memory, and one that I'm sure many of you will share, is of making the classic chocolate nest cakes and decorating them with Mini Eggs and those fluffy birds. Back then they were always yellow, and now they're available in a whole spectrum of colours, styles, even different outfits. They're so tacky but they really make me smile! 

Speaking of Mini Eggs, we once went to Bodelwyddan farm near Llandudno in the Easter holidays. The farmers were taking visitors around on a trailer to complete an Easter egg hunt, and one lady gave me a paper bag of Mini Eggs that she had found. I was tiny at the time but I remember that kind gesture and love that lady for adding to my happy Easter memories!

Egg Hunts were always a household highlight when I was growing up, too. My sister and I would rush around the house, searching high and low for our treasure. We never had to look too hard though- there would always be one in the oven! 

One year my cousin even hid smaller eggs around to make things trickier and even more fun. As well as a chocolate feast, she gave me a huge set of miniature felt tip pens presented in an egg shaped case. There was a whole rainbow of pens that looked exactly like the ones on the cover of Jacqueline Wilson's Bad Girls, and I thought they were so special and amazing.

I love seeing the pastel colours, polka dots, daffodils, and baby animals. I may not be religious but I take it as a celebration of new life. Warmth creeps in and the springtime brings colour and flowers and growth after the sleepy winter. Oh, and I suppose the chocolate is pretty great, too!

Does Easter hold special memories for you?



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