An Ode To #CarnLIVal

me holding a balloon on a sunny balcony

Somewhere in Liverpool, 
On a balcony drenched in sun,
A bunch of bloggers gathered
for photos, games, and fun.

There was a raffle, competitions, an egg hunt,
Even a penthouse tour!
A photo booth, balloons, and brand talks, 
We couldn't ask for more.

Each of us brought a gift along,

A token for those in need
They say that kindness is rewarded,

and rewards we had, indeed!

The donations grew even higher

As we bought bags labelled 'naughty' or 'nice',
Would we open a lipstick,
Or something with a little more spice?!

The goody bags groaned with treats,

They nearly burst their seams!
And out poured perfumes, books, and crisps,

More than we could have dreamed!

As it often does when we're in bliss,
The time so quickly flew,
But not before we heard a speech

On the importance of being you. 

To friends both old and new
We bid a fond farewell,
And each of us made a silent vow
To save up for this hotel!

Katy and Sammy outdid themselves,
To the finish from the start
No detail or person was overlooked
They've got it down to an art!

Thankyou girls for this perfect day,
For hard work beyond measure.
Your sleepless nights were worth it though-
For a day we'll always treasure. 

Photo credit: Saloca In Wonderland
CarnLIVal was hosted by Katy and Sammy
Make sure to follow their new venture, Leaky Ceiling



  1. Ah I loved this Lyd, and fabulous picture xxx
    I love your header too. Xx


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