Things I've Yet To Conquer

Life isn't always plain sailing for any of us, but when you have anxiety, even the gentlest gust can feel like an almighty storm. Over the past year I have made so much progress, and come through so many challenges with more happiness and confidence to show for it, but there are still some things that knock the wind out of my sails. 

Very fitting, with my boating puns! I honestly feel it is a duty to travel and learn about the world, and I wholeheartedly believe that you become a better person for doing so... but that doesn't make it easy! Rather than imagining my adventures I get so caught up in 'what if I lose my boarding pass? what if I don't understand the menu?' and even more extreme thoughts. The only way to battle this one is to strap my balls on and do it... when funds allow. Until then I can read Katy and Sam's travel posts for #inspo. 

There was a time when I would look at my keyring and long to see a car key on it, and there was also a time when holding my car key was enough to induce a panic attack. I am a lot closer to the former now, but I still aim for a day when I can drive as freely and as far as anyone else. Unfortunately I know that there is always a risk, and this proof fuels the anxiety, but I fight it by remembering that a risk is not a guarantee. 

I can go to the shops by myself, and emerge alive, but drenched in sweat. I am working on it, but I constantly need reassurance from others, especially my parents, which is a bit embarrassing at nearly 22, but I feel I'm cramping their style rather than the other way around! Obviously the answer to this one is to do more things by myself, and Tasmin is my inspiration for this, she's a proper girl boss!

Can you see a link between my other points? I'm ready to spread my wings but I struggle with the confidence, and I also struggle with the funds. If I had £1 for every rejected job application I'd definitely have enough to travel! A job would force me to drive, to give my long suffering parents some peace, and a little bit of money would encourage me to meet up with friends or book some trips in. Fingers crossed please guys!

I can see a way out of my problems, which is half the battle won, and I really do look forward to seeing my progress, and one day conquering them for good. 

What would you like to conquer?



  1. I believe in you Lyd! You can conquer all of this and so much more! If you want any help with CVs or covering letters give me a shout, I seem to have a knack for them (and weirdly enjoy putting them together)!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland


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