Technic's £4 Face Fix

Colour correcting isn't a brand new idea, but it's only in the past 2 years or so that I have seen it really hit the high street, with every brand producing their own rainbow of creams. I remember seeing my oily-skinned sister using the Boots Natural Collection mint corrector to camouflage her blemishes, only to hate it when the chalky formula wouldn't blend on my dry skin! 

Thankfully there was a solution for me, in the form of Technic's Colour Fix palette. At just £4 in Bodycare, or even cheaper online, your initial thoughts may be of a greasy, waxy formula, with very little pigment. Mine certainly were, but I was proven oh-so-wrong!

technic colour fix palette

The 8 candy coloured shades provide a solution for redness, dullness, dark undereyes, sallowness... you name it, there is a shade to suit, and all packed into a surprisingly sturdy palette, which even offers a guide to use on the back.

I did a first impressions video with the palette, and found that it morphed beautifully onto my skin, almost like a cream-to-powder would. Since then I have been using it every time I apply makeup, and have found that it does need to be set down properly before applying foundation or concealer, as it can get swept away. The only other problem that I have seen is that the palette probably will not suit medium-dark skins, as the colours are very pale on the face. I do know that Barry M offer a much brighter kit, and hopefully Technic will follow suit.

technic colour fix palette

I can't pretend that this palette is perfect for me. I think a liquid that dries down firmly might suit my skin better, but I do have worse than average texture and pigment issues. You can probably tell that it did exceed my expectations, and for £4 I really am impressed that all 8 shades work well, and even the packaging is great.

 I feel more confident when I use it, I love that it is cruelty free, and I look forward to trying out more from this purse-friendly brand!

Have you tried Technic before?



  1. I've yet to try anything by Technic but I'm loving everything I'm hearing about them! I've not actually tried colour correcting so this would be the perfect entry level price to have a go!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. I've really been into colour correction the past few months now but I had the same issues as you. The palette from NYX is amazing for colour correction and it sits so well on my skin xx

  3. I really like this review! I recently brought this palette and the concealer set too and I found that whilst the colour correction did work it didn't sit great on me either! Love the photography too x


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