Photo Diary: Sun Salutation

For a few weeks I have been watching the crocuses make their appearance, followed by the blossom and daffodils, but their bright yellow bursts seemed to be the closest thing to sunshine, until the real thing treated us to a fleeting visit!

Warm weather brings out the best in everything. Dreary towns seem to sparkle, and sullen frowns melt into smiles. Sunshine might be fleeting, but I certainly made the most of it while it was around.

selection of cakes on vintage plate
red nose day bunting

The village over has the cutest community hall, with its own tiny coffee shop, and I took the Red Nose Day bake sale as the perfect opportunity to pop in. My parents and I stocked up on all sorts of treats, and enjoyed them with a generous splash of blue sky and birdsong in the garden that afternoon. Cut into thirds, they became an impromptu afternoon tea! My favourite was the flapjack, closely followed by the Aussie crunch. 

miniature jars of jam
selection of sandwiches on plate

Speaking of afternoon tea, Adam and I went to Patisserie Valerie for one of their acclaimed afternoon teas, using a voucher that my mum had bought for his birthday. I'm so proud of myself for driving there! I was drenched in sweat from the nerves, but we made it! Unfortunately the staff were quite rude, so I won't rush back, but it was a more unusual date, and it's always lovely to spend time with him. You can read about an afternoon tea I did love here.
bee flying around blue flower
bee hanging on to blue flower

I spoke last week about loving garden centres, so of course I had to call into one while the sun was painting everything so perfectly. One of my favourite things about the warmer weather is seeing plenty of bees, and this friendly fella was happy to stay for a few snaps with his snack.

All in all, a lovely set of memories to cherish- until the big yellow thing next swings around!

How do you soak up the sunshine?



  1. Ah so sorry your afternoon tea wasn't the best! Looks like you spent so much needed time in the sunshine! I thought I was going to get that this week but it looks like it's vanished after a day

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland


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