How To Support Fellow Creators

I've only been blogging for a month, and vlogging for about 3 years, and I can report that there is a massive difference in support. Purely from my experience, blogging is much friendlier and interactive. There's a real sense of community, but when we're so busy writing our own posts, editing our own photos, scheduling our own tweets, and building our own profiles, it can be hard to remember to give some support back. Here are some quick methods that I like to use!
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Endcard Enhancement
This is for my YouTube guys and gals. When you create an end card, pop in a link to a channel you love and remind your audience to check them out! 

Link Loving
A brilliant example of this was Zoe's Beauty Wish List! See what I did there? For every item she listed, she linked a video and/or post which showed and told us more about the product.

Comment Connection
I am the worst at this, argh! Okay, I pledge to improve. When people are kind enough to comment on my content, I promise to return the favour. Scout's honour.

Post Promo
Particularly nice if you know a blogger is ill, busy, or otherwise unable to promote their talent. As I scroll through twitter I keep Tweetdeck open, and whenever I love a post or video, or see a fundraiser, I schedule a tweet to show my followers. I promote one post for every one of my own, but just a couple a week is a great way to give back.

Instagram Inclusive
I loathe Instagram and use it purely for stalking purposes, but if you love sharing your pictures, there are groups of clever bloggers beating the algorithm by agreeing to comment and like one another's posts. I like this a lot. Ask around to join, or form your own!

Friendly Favourites
This is fab because you get content, and they get promotion! Whether you do a weekly or monthly round up of a mixture of items, or dedicate it solely to creators you adore, it's a great opportunity to wax lyrical in either written or spoken word.

Applaud Affiliation
I'm sooo over #spon shade. If my favourite writers are getting brand recognition (and disclosing it), heck yes I'm going to click those links to put a few more pennies in their pocket, and let them know how proud I am!

Do you have any more ways to show support?



  1. Love, love, love this! You are honestly one of the greatest, most loveliest, wonderful people I've ever met, and you're always cheering people on! I'm gonna bookmark this list! :)
    Jemma | DORKFACE


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