Come Dine with Solita

Posh restaurants will never be my thing. If I can't wear jeans or pronounce the menu items, I'm not interested, but for dates or special occasions I still prefer somewhere just a little more upmarket, so when Solita invited me to their dining room in Preston, I was amazed to find that they fit the bill perfectly!

Solita is just a short walk from the train station, and is in a gorgeous Victorian building by the park. The dining room itself seats 150 people, and has an eclectic mix of sleek glass, industrial chairs, and quirky artwork, all of which certainly make it unique and interesting. 

ribs and barbecue sauce

To the left of the room were 3 intimate booths (I could imagine giggling with the girls there!) sat under huge mirrors, which reflected light back into the room. I'm all for ambience, but some restaurants are so dark, they should equip you with torches. Solita had the balance just right. 

At the back of the room was the bar and Inka grill, and I was thrilled to find that the bar stocked San Pellegrino, which is always my preference over a boring Coke. My companions were even happier to find that the beer they ordered was a high quality German affair, served in a glass tankard and everything! 

To the right was one long wooden table with cool, industrial chairs. I took my boyfriend and met up with friends, and luckily we were at the end of the table, so I did enjoy the informal setting, but if we went as a couple I'd hope not to be sandwiched between strangers. 

The best part of the room was the art work. Towards the back were some colourful prints, and the whole of the entrance wall was covered in a hand drawn map of Preston and the surrounding areas. You know how much I love illustration, so this was right up my street! See what I did there?

cheeseburger slider

Now a great room is one thing, but the food needs to measure up! Burgers really took off a few years ago, and the pressure for perfection and innovation is really on. While the mini sliders didn't blow me away, the cheeseburger spring rolls were something special- especially when combined with some of their brilliant barbecue pulled pork. Do you ever find that pulled pork can be a bit like soggy cotton wool? Not at Solita! The short rib croquettes were also a favourite. Meaty little bites with a crunchy coating, that made the perfect partners for sweet and smoky barbecue sauce. 

cheeseburger spring rolls

The menu is extensive, with seafood, salads, grills, and what seems like hundreds of burgers and hotdogs to choose from, as well as delicious desserts! I would like to see more vegan options though. They do pulled pork so well, I think they would nail the jackfruit alternative! I did also think that the menu was quite highly priced, at £11.90 for a simple chicken burger. However, you are certainly not dining in a greasy spoon, so the prices reflect the polished premises. 

If you want to try Solita for yourself, they have locations in the Northern Quarter, Didsbury, Prestwich, and Preston, and you can find details and menus on their website.

My meal was complimentary, but as always, my opinions are all honest and all mine!



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