Changes I Want To See In The Drugstore

Boots and Superdrug are my happy places, but that's not to say that grumpy guts over here can't find a few gripes!
I could moan about this until the cows came home, but I'll leave it at 3 points (for now!)...

crying girl illustration

Inclusive shade ranges
Bourjois recently reformulated their Healthy Mix foundation, and added 3 new shades. At first I celebrated this, but now I retract my excitement, because they still exclude so many ethnicities! It must be so frustrating to go into Boots and see so many brands blatantly ignoring you. 

No more vanilla
As well as wanting to see more chocolate shades hitting the shelves, I would love to sniff less vanilla scents! I find that 60% of lip products have a vanilla scent, which is the best of a bad bunch, 25% are mint, which I find irritating and drying, and 10% are floral. Who wants lily flavoured lips?!

There is hope, however! 5% have a mild fruity scent, and in an ideal world this would be the majority. Pray with me.

A bloody good clean
Who else is sick of the stands wearing more foundation than the customers? Don't you be telling me the store assistants don't have time! I worked on a counter, and my shelves were sparkling, thankyou very much. 

As well as a more, ahem, barefaced look, it would also be nice if they were restocked more regularly, and the retail items weren't used as testers. How may times have you bought a lipstick only to take it home and realise it's seen more lip action than Harry Styles? Traumatising. 

What are your drugstore gripes?



  1. I've started to always check a Vaseline tin before buying it, more than once have I found a finger dent in it once I've gotten home! It annoys me too when shops still show items online and don't state that they are out of stock.
    Zara x


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