Can You Afford To Be Successful?

I'm more Greggs oval bite than Ivy Garden lobster, I choose H&M over Hermes, and I think Yankee candles are pricey, never mind Jo Malone! I'd be willing to bet that the vast majority of people are like this in real life, but in the blogosphere it sometimes feels like I'm the exception.

Before I start, I want to make it clear that my issues aren't with the lucky devils who don't wince at Topshop price tags, rather how, once again, our insecurities are made into profit somewhere down the line. There is a reason that the top fashion posts on Bloglovin' don't feature Tesco's F+F clothes, and that's because most of us can attain those; it's what we can't that attracts us.

I'll also be referring to success in this post as financial success, since I can't personally judge another content creator's self worth or happiness, or anything else one might define it by.

orange candle and rose gold wallet

I have absorbed thousands of pieces of content by now, and the theme running through the wildly successful ones is a very down to earth personality combined with an out of this world bank account. Like having a super rich best friend who holidays in Dubai, while you have a day out in Doncaster. I know it's tiresome to always relate back to Zoella, but her Primark hauls are a perfect example of the loaded BFF theme. Most of us can afford a few bits, but when you buy enough to fill a 25 minute video, it quickly mounts to be out of the average reach. 

I don't for one minute believe that any influencer intends to make people jealous, if anything, they aim to inspire. The problem is that it's common for us to be too inspired, believing that anything less than this lifestyle isn't good enough, even though our own lives are extremely fortunate. Going back to the dynamite combination of great personality, even greater income, it's easy for us to think that the money is the only thing between us and a book deal and homeware line, and that splashing the cash is a ticket to the big time. 

perfume bottles and polka dot underwear

 When we scratch the surface it becomes clearer that that's just not the case. If blogging success was as easy as dropping a grand in Selfridges then everyone would do it, but those who make it invest so much more than pence and pounds. Their content has the writing, editing, photography, consistency, and engagement that often go unnoticed but play vital roles in their success. The scaffolding that holds up the stage, if you will.  

What am I really trying to say? Ultimately, I believe that we should all buy and share what we please and what our circumstances allow, but the real keys to success lie deeper than that. Readers want to see passion and progress, real opinions and experiences. Just as the rich friend can tell us amazing tales of Dubai, they care just as much about our day trip to Doncaster, when we both use the right techniques to make our stories interesting and exciting. 

What do you think? 



  1. ‪Interesting points. I think having the latest 'must have' is something most want so they feel on trend but at the same time it doesn't mean success‬ like you said.
    I've spent loads on makeup especially 'hyped' products yet it hasn't translated into major views, likes and followers so whilst it's nice to splurge I think it's about everything. The writing, the passion, the photos.
    Ultimately for me it's about the writing style that grips me and makes me take a look further. Also not going to lie, a pretty picture on a tweet makes me more likely to clink a link ;)

    Bex X

  2. I agree with this a lot Lyd- today I spent £60 in the sale at topshop on four items and it made me wince (even though that's a BARGAIN considering topshop's prices!). I know for a fact that my blog posts would be so much more interesting if I had the money backing me!

  3. Love this post and I definitely agree. When I first started blogging, I felt like I sould be buying higher end pieces, but they're not neccesarily things that I like. I'd definitely prefer to be like "look, I spent £500 but got 20 or 30 things" than "I spent £500 and got 1 thing" but that's just me! xx
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter


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