Welcome To WhatLydDid

How rude of me, I've already started posting and haven't even introduced myself! Tut tut, where are my manners?

If you are already familiar with my videos or my tweets, you'll know that I am Lyd, lover of puns and beauty and cats and countryside and illustrating. I love to make people happy. I'm very opinionated. And sarcastic.

What you might not know is that the reason I make my videos is because I used to work with people with dementia, and it ignited an urge to record and cherish as many happy memories as I can. That can range from talking about my favourite lipstick of the month, to showing how to make a caramel cupcake. If it matters to me now, I want to hold onto it forever.

As well as recording videos, I take a lot of photographs, and up until now they have been left to gather virtual dust. I want to share them, to celebrate their meanings and memories, and have a special archive of the precious moments that I'm lucky enough to experience with my loved ones.

I cannot promise that every picture will be perfectly shot and edited or each post will be a masterpiece to rival Dickens. I just want to create content that makes me happy, and there's something appealing to me about having the 'rougher' versions. They mirror the movement and imperfections of my life, and remind me that they can be beautiful, too.

I hope that you enjoy reading, and I would love it if I inspired you to treasure your own memories more, too! 



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