The Makeup Anti-Haul

I have been loving this new anti-haul trend lately! The posts and videos have encouraged me to give better consideration to the items on my wishlist, and it's very interesting to see exactly why certain products aren't floating those boats. 

too faced sweet peach palette illustration

As much as I love the look of this palette, I just feel there are too many neutrals and only ONE true peach shade, and one coral pinky shade. Your bright packaging and perfume do not fool me, TooFaced! I have also heard a lot of hit and miss reviews of their eyeshadows, and if I paid £39 for a bad batch I would probably explode with rage. 

I am still drawn to the palette though (probably because of the hype!), so I will be finding similar shades in my collection and experimenting with blush as eyeshadow. 

Stila are my favourite high end brand, but I do think they're cocky with their prices at times, and these new liquid glitters are a prime example. At £23 each I would expect that pretty packaging to be filled with a flawless formula, and from the many YouTube videos I've seen, they're really not!

Once the liquid dries down, the glitter falls all over the face, which ruins the base and gives me the impression that it would not last well on the eyes. I can deal with that at a drugstore price, but not 23 smackers! 

mac viva glam illustration
This is the first Viva Glam that has truly wowed me. The punchy pink is pure happiness in a tube! I also love that 100% of the price goes to their AIDS fund, good on ya MAC. I won't be purchasing purely because I know that I wouldn't wear it enough to justify $17 for a lipgloss, but if I happened to be given a MAC gift card, I would snap up the gloss and lipstick in an instant!

Have you tried these products?



  1. I'm loving this anti haul trend - I can actually read blogs without wanting to buy loads now which is great! I've been thinking exactly the same thing about the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, I won't be picking one of those up!

    I love your illustrations too - so cute :) x

  2. I am loving this idea of the Anti Haul, although I am still wooed about the Too Faced Peach Palette so far - maybe I haven't done my research enough on this but thank you so much for pointing me out on this! :D

    Zoe |

  3. I just found you on Twitter and I must say I love your blog! I've been looking through some of your posts and they are really good! I love the idea of an anti-haul. I might have to try it myself!

    I 100% agree on the Peach palette. Everyone was going insane for it and I just don't get it. Too Faced actually shut down their site in the lead up to the launch and you had to sit in line to pre-order it. You couldn't go on their site for anything else. It was ridiculous.

    Anyway, I love your posts!

    Much Love,

  4. Oh gosh Lyd, I love this post! Anti-Haul posts are the thing I need whilst on a spending ban right now. I realllly want the Sweet Peach Palette, but like you said, I think the main reason I want it is beacause of the hype surrouding it right now... well, that and hearing it smells like peaches?! I am amazed by that little fact.
    Thanks for a fab post as always lovely <3
    Tasmin |


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