Tackling Pet Allergies

I love my cat even more than lipstick, but she is a Turkish Angora, meaning she has long fur which drops all over the house. Combine that with all the saliva from her constant washing, and the dead skin cells, and it makes for a pretty potent allergy cocktail!

If sensitive skin, runny eyes, and indescribable itching sound familiar to you, hopefully my advice can help! Of course, if your symptoms are very severe then do seek medical help.

black fluffy cat lay on cushion

Preparation is key!
The first step is to find an antihistamine routine that works for you! It's also important to limit the amount of allergens in your environment, so make sure your pet is regularly pampered, with lots of brushing and/or bathing, and hoover as often as possible.

Rinse right away
As soon as you get the warning signs, rinse your eyes and nose with cool, clean water to get those pesky allergens out. You may also want to change the clothes you are wearing, dust them off outside, or use a lint roller to pick up any particles.

black cat paws

Set boundaries
I know, it's adorable to wake up to a furry friend curled up on your bed, but it's highly likely that you'll also wake up to a tickly cough and unstoppable sneezing! Try to keep your pet off soft furnishings, and, if possible, have rooms from which they are banned.

Breathe easy
Even with the tips above, you may find yourself flaring up now and again. Changes in season can mean more moulting, for example. When an allergy attack strikes, the best thing I have found is to get out into the fresh air. If you can't then simply pop a heat proof cup on your radiator and fill it halfway with water, then add a few drops of mint or eucalyptus essential oil. Your airways will open in no time!

Do you have any tips to add?



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