My Handbag Lipstick Hoard

Purse? Check. Phone? Check. 7 lip products? Check. 

No wonder my bag is always so heavy! I was recently looking at what I could remove to lighten the load on my poor aching shoulders, and found 3 lip balms, 2 liquids, and 2 glosses! Clearly I must love them all, so I will reveal all and tell you why they have earned their places in my heart and my handbag. 

blistex happy lips mango in an orange tube, aldi lacura lip balm in a white tube, revlon peach parfait in a sparkly peach tube

The Balms
I am weirdly sensitive to a heck of a lot of lip balms, but I get on very well with the Blistex Happy Lips in Mango. I trust Blistex to make great lip products, and this smells fab as well as offering everyday nourishment.

If I need something a little heavier, I turn to this gem from Aldi of all places! It is their sensitive lip care, and I believe they are only sold occasionally. If you spot some then I would highly recommend picking up a 3 pack and stashing them everywhere for easy access.

Lastly, I always keep this Revlon Peach Parfait lip butter on hand for a beautiful browned peach shade. It's suitable for every occasion, so easy to apply, and offers a small dose of moisture to boot.

barefaced beauty light metallic pink lipgloss in a tube with a silver lid, medusa's makeup sparkly red lipgloss in a tube with a black lid and design

The Glosses
For a pretty daytime shine I love to use BareFaced Beauty's lipgloss in Petal. An all natural formula that isn't overly sticky, and a beautiful rosy shade made from billions of minute specks of red, gold, and silver particles. I love looking at this one in the tube!

For a more fun option I keep Medusa's Makeup's Space Invader lipgloss in my bag of tricks. Although red in the tube, it wears as a hot pink, with fairly chunky pieces of holographic glitter that jazz up bare lips or any lipstick I choose to wear underneath. This was a gift from Bubbly Bex Beauty, so it always makes me smile to see it!

a mauve and a browny-peach liquid lipstick, both in tubes with gold lids, and a darker peach brown in a tube with a black lid

The Liquids
We've had nourishment, we've had shine, now it's time to show off the pigmented mattes that currently reside in my bag!

I will be removing the NYX lip lingerie in Ruffle Trim, as this is far too dry to use without a thorough lip scrub first, and the dark, browned peach shade isn't one I love on a daily basis.

The one I adore on a daily basis is the Stila liquid lipstick in Baci. I usually avoid cool tones but this mauve is marvellous! I also have Fresco in there, which is a peachy brown nude- fancy that! It is a lot lighter in colour and texture than the NYX offering. 

What lip product always lives in your bag?



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