How To Sass Up your Scrapbook

My scrapbook is definitely one of the items that I would grab if the house was on fire It holds my memories and souvenirs of events with friends and family, and if ever I'm feeling down I can rely on it to make me smile again.

As well as helping me to cherish my memories, it's also a great creative outlet. Since I was old enough to hold a paintbrush I have loved drawing and doodling and sticking, and this is the perfect way to create really fun pieces.

However, when I think of scrapbooks, I think of middle-to-old aged ladies, cream paper, bits of lace, and dried flowers. They don't get a particularly sexy reputation, and that's a shame. I want to show people that they can be bright and fun, with no lace in sight!

a scrapbook open on two yellow pages, with a beermat on the left and a picture of an otter on the right

The more the merrier
If it's free to take, and can be stuck on your page, grab it! This means beer mats, newspapers, tickets, leaflets, postcards, stickers, menus, and more!

I also like to keep a huge stash of sequins, ribbons, tape, and all sorts of embellishments to add colour and texture to each page, but this is up to you. The important thing is to grab souvenirs of your experiences.

pink scrapbook page with a cocktail drawn on it, next to a tube of gold glitter glue

Make it your own
Once you have the souvenirs it's time to make them your own. Cut out backgrounds from maps, key words from newspapers, and colour in plain old menus with paint or pens. Try sketching the page out or layering the pieces before you commit to sticking, if you're a little unsure!

teal scrapbook page with a LUSH beauty school ticket in it, and a picture of LUSH butter bear

orange scrapbook page

The Devil's in the detail
One of my favourite ways to bring a page to life is to fill the background space with doodles, quotes, and other details. If you went out for a meal, write what you had! At first it may seem silly, but it makes the memory even more specific, and your future self will thank you.

Do you have any tips to add?



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