A Twist On Tradition: The Garden Kitchen Afternoon Tea

Afternoon teas are all well and good, but there's always one sandwich filling that doesn't tickle your pickle, and the risk of finding a raisin stalk in your fruit scone. This is where Holden Clough comes in, bringing with it an afternoon tea with a difference!

Far out in the countryside, attached to a garden centre and small farm shop, is The Garden Kitchen, a bright and beautiful dining area complete with oak tables and garden themed wall decorations... along with some more unusual furniture.

Their signature garden afternoon teas are served on precious little picnic tables, complete with weeny wellington boots, petite plantpots, and itty-bitty buckets to serve up each tasty morsel. There are even mini milk churns to accompany the drinks!

pink milkshake in miniature glass wellington boot

The menus change according to season and celebration, but I have sampled two now and loved both. Most recently the bench was topped with: a cheese scone, butternut squash soup, a chicken and stuffing sandwich, and even bangers and mash with onion gravy! 

Moving on to the top layer we found buttery Victoria sponges, Bakewell tart, chocolate milkshake, apple crumble, and the smallest but most perfectly formed blueberry muffins. 

crumble in miniature tin bucket

Before my first visit I was apprehensive that the novelty of the food may outweigh the quality, but I have been proven very wrong on both occasions. Each mouthful is utterly delicious, the serving sizes leave you stuffed, and the whole experience is one to treasure. 

miniature victoria sponge topped with cream and a raspberry

Which would you prefer: tradition or a twist? 



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