Pago's Fancy Fruit Juices

Fruit juice is just fruit juice, right? Wrong! When my sister and I were little, I remember we would always choose Pago juices when we saw them because the emerald green glass bottles seemed so special.

When they got in touch to send some for review*, I realised that the contents were pretty special, too! With flavours like peach, strawberry, and cloudy cherry, they're certainly a cut above something you could grab in a supermarket. I've spoken before about finding alchohol alternatives that don't make us tee-totallers feel like we're missing out, and Pago drinks are great choices for those who want a fruit juice that's a little bit fancy.

I chose the rhubarb and pear flavour, which I've never seen a brand offer before. For me, it was a little syrupy, and I would have preferred a stronger rhubarb flavour, but I could taste both the rhubarb and pear clearly and they worked well together.

I'm personally looking forward to enjoying this juice mixed with lemon, lime, and sparkling water in summer. The sweet juice will complement the salty cheese and the blend of fruity flavours will make a delicious mocktail for the warmer weather.

For those of you who prefer their drinks to have a little more kick, why not go for a rhubarb and custard vibe and add a shot of vanilla vodka? Dip the rims of your glasses into sherbet for extra retro sweetie vibes! 

Have you tried Pago juices?

*Although the juices were provided for review, this does not affect my opinions or transparency. For further information see my disclaimer.



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